Flat-coated Retriever

About Us

The name Eagletarn is a combination of a Westcoast and British theme. Tarn is old English for a small mountain lake and the Bald Headed Eagle is a common sight on our Canadian Westcoast thus Eagletarn was conceived.  

We started with the breed in 1989 and were taken by their intelligence, beauty and temperament. We went from pet owners to quickly becoming involved in showing and hunting.  Then we had our own ideas of what we wanted to contribute and became breeders. Our dogs first and foremost are our companions.  

Our stock is carefully selected for temperament, type and ability. Temperament is something we will never compromise on. We are small breeders, we do not believe in producing a lot of litters. Each of our breedings contributes in some way to our gene pool. We have been blessed with wonderful dogs and friends throughout the years.  

Proud member of FCRS of Canada, FCRS of America and FCRS of England
Please enjoy our website, our dogs, their accomplishments and our love of them

Anna and Randy, Eagletarn Flat-Coated Retrievers

Updated January 2019
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